Heart disease is the Nation’s number 1 killer, and about 325,000 people a year die of a heart attack before they make it to a hospital. Many of those deaths can be prevented by acting fast.

When a loved one is in cardiac arrest or experiencing chest pain, time is muscle. The sooner a person can receive the care he or she needs, the stronger the chances of survival and recovery. Every minute wasted increases the risk of death or permanent damage to the heart muscle.

The City of Phoenix Fire Department with St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center have launched a community awareness campaign to help residents better understand the symptoms of a heart attack and take immediate action.

Do you know the signs?

Chest discomfort

Discomfort in other areas
of the upper body.

Shortness of breath

Other signs: breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness.

What should I do if I suspect a heart attack?

Don’t Deny – Don’t Delay – Dial 911

Learn More

Watch a presentation by local Emergency Physician Dr. John Shufeldt on the new Got Chest Pain? program.
You can also read this fact sheet from the American Heart Association on heart attack signs.